SAM's Laser Heat Treatment Services 

Laser heat treatment is a process carried out on metal surfaces to enhance the hardness properties through rapid and highly controlled thermal manipulation. With laser heat treating, a laser beam with specific power densities is incident on the metal surface. The laser heat footprint is a top-hat distribution projected onto the surface. This then raises the surface temperature of the metal above its metallurgical transformation temperature. The underlying thermal mass of the material aids in rapid quenching where the heat is removed via conduction, resulting in a fine-grained martensitic phase, in the case of steel. The laser heat treatment process enhances the material hardness through precise control of heat input on the material surface. Local heat treatment with minimal part distortion and controlled hardness depth is another outcome of a properly designed laser heat treating process. 

Laser Heat Treated SAE D6150 Cast Steel
Laser Heat Treated SAE D6150 Cast Steel

Laser heat Treatment Capabilities

Our laser heat treatment capabilities include a maximum part dimension of 8 feet (2.4 meters) by 8 feet (2.4 meters), permitting extremely large components to be selectively hardened. Our laser heat treatment services are most commonly utilized on tool and die applications. We specialize in laser heat treatment of tools and dies for the automotive industry and offer localized laser heat treatment of stamped parts. Our localized laser heat treating service is unique in that we can treat a small area without impacting the material properties of entire part. 

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Stamping die laser heat treating
Laser Heat Treating of Automotive Draw Die Post

Repeatable Laser Heat Treatment Results

Laser heat treatment of your tools, dies, or other applications creates a lasting impact with precise control of heat input, minimized stress and distortion, repeatability, time efficiencies, and line-of-sight access for harder to reach areas. 

Our reliable team of laser heat treatment experts guarantees a quick turnaround for all orders from one-off prototypes to full-scale production. Contact our laser heat treatment team today to find the optimal processes to make your parts lighter, stronger, and more cost effective.

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