With the help of Laser Cladding, Laser Heat Treating, and Laser Additive Manufacturing, Synergy is providing an alternative solution for business to replace the more traditional methods that are costly and time consuming. This gives businesses the opportunity to improve their quality and turnaround times to get them back on their feet as soon as possible. Laser Heat Treating is an attractive alternative to flame and induction heating. With Laser Heat Treating , the die or tool, is treated as the final step in the process. With little to no distortion, it cuts out additional hard milling processes. Which allows you to cut out additional invoices and processing time. Laser Cladding gives companies the ability to Remanufacture and Repair crucial components that are needed to keep operations up and running with urgency. Instead of waiting on new components to come in on order, we can repair the existing components. Giving it improved quality and strength with a substantially reduced turn around time. Laser Additive Manufacturing can be utilized to create 3D printed metal components from a range of materials for specific needs. This is a difficult time for all, the year has not been kind to a lot of businesses and companies, ours included. But now that we are back up and running we want to help people hear about the services we offer and know their options. Not many people know about the benefits of laser services, please help us share our message and what we can offer to a business or company you know! Contact one of our experts today at or visit our website by clicking one of the links above or going to