Repairing Large Critical Components using Laser Cladding

Were you aware that Synergy has the ability to repair large components? Recently, a flywheel with a diameter of over 1 meter was ground too much (0.015"/0.4mm) during prefinal operation, which was only discovered after nitriding. Scrapping the part would

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Repair and Refurbishment of high precision shafts using Laser Cladding

Shaft laser cladding is a highly effective process for the repair and refurbishment of industrial machinery components such as precision tools, motor shafts, centrifuge components etc.  especially those that have suffered from wear and tear or corrosion. This process uses

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Laser Heat Treating on Hem Dies: An Innovative Solution for Automotive Production

  The automotive industry is constantly seeking new and improved methods for producing high-quality vehicles. Hemming is a critical operation in the production process and has a significant impact on the overall quality and performance of a vehicle. Hemming involves

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Laser Heat Treating of Trim Inserts for Automotive Dies: Improving Performance and Consistency

  In the automotive industry, trim inserts play a crucial role in the production of sheet metal stampings. Trim steels are used to trim the metal sheets after forming operation. To ensure that the trim inserts are strong and durable,

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