Over the last decade, most tool and die makers in the United States have been faced with many challenges. A large issue is finding a way to be competitive with die shops overseas. While there are many reasons for this, the continued use of outdated heat treating technologies such as flame and induction is certainly one of the main contributors. These obsolete heat treating techniques induce substantial distortion into the dies. Not to mention the inconsistencies in quality. This leads to additional hard milling operations being required to compensate for the distortion caused by conventional heat treating. Hard milling dies after conventional heat treating adds substantial cost and lead time to the current die manufacturing process.

Synergy Additive Manufacturing LLC, located in Clinton Township, Michigan, is leaving behind these obsolete methods and offering our customers innovative heat treating solutions utilizing new technology. We have engineered advanced Laser Heat Treating technology that results in minimal to no distortion on large dies, thereby eliminating the additional hard milling operations. Synergy’s advance process algorithms keep the die surface temperature consistent within +/- 1° C resulting in superior hardness and consistency. This ensures the tool and die components achieve a new level of quality excellence, while saving tool and die companies time and money. Turnaround times are extremely fast, giving the die makers a new level of freedom for design changes. Synergy’s Laser heat treating technology has helped local die makers improve the profit margins, provide unmatched quality, reduce the time to market (TTM) and compete with overseas die shops. This is one goal Synergy will always strive for, bringing more tool and die jobs back to the United States! Aravind Jonnalagadda, the Co-Founder of Synergy Additive Manufacturing LLC, is pushing everyday to get the word out about not only the numerous benefits of our laser heat treating, but the long term effects it could have for the future of manufacturing here in the U.S.

“We need to show people that with this technology, not only can we reduce costs for our customers and improve their quality, but that the long term effects of switching to our services can bring more business in the manufacturing industry to the United States and open up more employment opportunities.”

– Aravind Jonnalagadda

Still not convinced? Just ask Tesla. They utilize Synergy’s Laser Heat Treating on tool and dies for their Model Y & Model 3 vehicles. So, if a company that shines at the very top of quality excellence utilizes our Laser Heat Treating solutions… why shouldn’t you? If you’re ready to innovate and start getting Synergy level quality, contact one of our experts today, or visit our website at www.synergyadditive.com for a full list of our services.