Were you aware that Synergy has the ability to repair large components?

Recently, a flywheel with a diameter of over 1 meter was ground too much (0.015″/0.4mm) during prefinal operation, which was only discovered after nitriding. Scrapping the part would result in a significant financial loss and cause unforeseen delays for the customer. However, there were limited options available for repairing the part without compromising its integrity. Traditional welding methods generate too much heat, potentially leading to distortion of the component. Additionally, it’s crucial that the repaired layer bonds securely to the substrate, ruling out spray welding or hard chrome. In such a scenario, laser cladding is the ideal choice, and Synergy was able to perform a fast and high-quality repair for its customer.

A wide variety of materials can be deposited using Laser Cladding process. The selection of coating material depends on the application. For the repair of bearing surface wear on pumps and other shafts, Stainless steel and Iron based materials are commonly used. Hardness on such coatings can be up to 55 HRC. For applications that require high corrosion resistance, alloys with high Nickle content such as Inconel 625 are typically used.  Tungsten Carbide based coatings are common choice for demanding high wear applications such as oil and gas tools, mining components etc. Synergy has experience depositing a wide range of metals for various applications.  Reach out to our experts for consultation.