Conformal cooling services from Synergy Additive Manufacturing is part of the 3D printing process to create conformal cooling channels with cavities, cores, and components. With 3D printed conformal cooling channels, our customers see reduced cycle times and greatly improved quality. The conformal cooling services are designed and tuned to eliminate hot spots, offer thermal control, improve stability and decrease distortion through a reduction in thermal drift.

Our conformal cooling processes at SAM offer greater process control and increased production capacity. Unlike conventional cooling, conformal cooling has nearly unlimited design flexibility, achieving paths, geometries, and shapes otherwise unattainable.


The conformal cooling process gives process parameter control for both hot and cold channels, providing you with greater thermal management and heat transfer. We know when conformal cooling processes are necessary and focus on efforts on those scenarios, including for challenging geometries, part deformation, part wall thickness variations, family molds, and long cycle times. Our conformal cooling experts know how to hit your precise tolerances and achieve your vision.

We know that cooling is an important part of the molding process and we work hard to ensure you get the results you need in a cost effective and design sensitive manner. Our conformal cooling processes are extremely effective and yield rapid return on investment. Our customers have seen reduced cycle times, improved part quality, and cost reduction using our innovative 3D printing conformal cooling solutions.

Contact our team of conformal cooling experts at Synergy Additive Manufacturing today to find out how we can help you achieve greater thermal control in your specific application.