We offer custom System Integration and System Automation services for Additive Manufacturing, Laser Welding, and Laser Heat Treating applications. Unlike typical System Integrators, SAM has extensive experience in laser processes. This enables us to provide full capability customized, cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Our solutions include:

  1. Turn-key systems
  2. Retrofit solutions
  3. ‘Plug and Play’ equipment


Our Retrofit Services can transform your existing 3-axis CNC machine, Lathe, or Robot into a 3D metal printing system. Our retrofit solutions include:

  • Reconditioning a customer’s existing motion system
  • Customized processing heads
  • Laser sources
  • Laser safety enclosures
  • Integration of all peripherals with PLC and HMI
  • Tool path programming software
  • Training and support
  • Optional extended warranty


Our Plug-and-Play system is designed to reduce the cost of entry barrier for small and medium scale companies and help them bring 3D printing into their production environment.

The Synergy Additive Manufacturing Plug-and-Play system is a stand-alone device that connects to a customer’s Robot/CNC, powder feeder, safety circuit, and other equipment and serves as the basic interface between various devices. This user-friendly portable unit, along with the custom metal deposition heads and peripheral equipment, offers a low-cost option for small- to mid-size companies who want to explore the field of Additive Manufacturing.