Synergy Additive Manufacturing LLC is ISO 9001:2015 certified company specializing in high power laser-based solutions for complex manufacturing challenges related to wear, corrosion and tool life. We provide laser systems and job shop services for laser heat treating, metal based additive manufacturing, and laser welding. 

We offer custom machines and equipment for additive manufacturing and laser heat treating. On the services side, we guarantee quick turnaround for all orders ranging from one-off prototypes to full-scale production.  Our experts can help first time users of 3D printing to correctly identify attractive business cases within their own operations as well as provide consulting services to aid in the re-design of conventional parts to make them lighter, stronger, and more cost effective when built using additive manufacturing.

SAM DUNS NUMBER: 080564312


Synergy Prototype Stamping LLC, specializes in prototype and short run production of sheet metal stampings for the automotive, defense, commercial, off-road, and HVAC industries. We have extensive experience in tool and die, as well as a full machine shop capable of building soft tools, line dies, progressive dies, and more. In house we have full design, CNC, milling, CMM inspection, 3 & 5-axis laser cutting, and other metalworking services. If it's metal, we can make it happen!

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Synergy Additive Manufacturing, LLC was co-founded by Marcus Stackpoole and Aravind Jonnalagadda in early 2017.  Prior to SAM, Marcus founded Synergy Prototype Stamping LLC in 2011, a prototype stamping shop and grew it into a profitable organization with over 30 employees. Marcus brings over 20 years of experience in tool and die and a dynamic leadership to SAM.  

Aravind has over 15 years of experience in the field of high power laser-based material processing technologies, including laser additive manufacturing / 3D printing, laser heat treating, laser brazing, and laser welding. Aravind brings to the table strong experience over a broad spectrum of applications and a proven track record of transforming research projects into successful commercial applications.

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