In the realm of electric motor repairs, it is a common occurrence to encounter issues with the motor shaft, specifically the shaft bearing location. These repairs often involve the need to rebuild this critical area. The main culprit behind shaft wear is usually bearing failure. When a bearing fails, it succumbs to overheating, causing the inner race to expand and spin on the shaft, disrupting the smooth operation of the motor.

Unfortunately, this prolonged friction and spinning take their toll on the shaft, gradually wearing it down over time. The result is a shaft that has become several thousandths of an inch smaller than the dimensions required for a new bearing. It’s as if the once perfectly-matched partners have lost their synchronization.

However, fret not, for there are skilled professionals who specialize in resolving these challenges. Armed with their expertise and a range of specialized tools,  Synergy can step up to the task of restoring the motor shaft to its optimal condition. Laser Cladding based repair service offered by Synergy results in near zero distortion of the shaft. Synergy offers turnkey repair services with quick turn around. Read more…

Benefits of using Laser Cladding for Motor Repair:

  • Low heat input process
  • Copper coils and other sensitive parts not affected by heat
  • Near zero distortion , no straightening required


  • Up to 3 ft OD x 14 ft long motors
  • Shaft OD and Keyway repair
  • Turnkey solution – Surface prep, Laser cladding, Post grinding , Quality Control and Shipping
  • Expedited options available