Laser Processing for the Automotive Industry

Our services relevant to the automotive industry include:

  • Laser heat treating stamping and trim dies 
  • Tooling reconfiguration using Additive Manufacturing
  • Hardfacing of forging and shear dies using Laser Cladding
  • Sheet metal laser cutting and stamping services

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Die Reconfiguration Using 3D Printing

Previous model year dies can be reconfigured for use in subsequent years by adding new features with the use of laser additive manufacturing techniques. When printed in this way, new features retain the high hardness and metallurgical integrity of the original dies, when compared to the use of conventional welding techniques. 

Trim Edge Hardfacing

Trim edges of tools and dies can be hardfaced for superior hardness and toughness. Variety of materials can be deposited on the tools for enhanced performance and durability.  

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